Cube Set

Cube Set

Transforming a table with 4 armchairs into a large and comfortable smooth box on which you can even place something, you can. It is the practical and functional idea of ​​the Cube Garden Set, an elegant and sturdy outdoor furniture, consisting of 1 table and 4 armchair chairs, with aluminum frame covered with rattan fibre, synthetic material particularly suitable for weathering of all seasons, worked with preciousness to be refined as the natural fiber to which it resembles. The Cube set is perfect for decorating the garden with grace and elegance without having to look for the best combinations because it is already harmonious and complete in all its parts (and you can easily match other accessories of the same manufactory).

Dimension:  cm. x cm. x cm.
Packaging: 77.0 cm. x 127.5 cm. x 127.5 cm.

Other informations:
Color: Cushion in WP320
Q per pack: 0.34
Code: ST13MB

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