Vico Umbrella Cm 400X400

Vico Umbrella Cm 400X400

In the garden, outside the bar, on the terrace of a hotel, at the sea: staying outdoors is one of the most pleasant and relaxing choices in the spring and summer months. Because the sun does not annoy you and a few raindrops do not ruin your relaxation, Vico is the outdoor umbrella that serves. Not very demanding in its shape that is linear and clean, very functional in use thanks to the double crank opening, very resistant in materials (aluminum frame and waterproof spun polyester ecru color cover with reinforced splints with screw fixing), Vico occupies little space but creates a lot of shade (about 4mX4m), it resists easily to more windy days and ensures pleasant moments protected from the sun during the hottest hours.

Dimension:  315.0 cm. x 400.0 cm. x 400.0 cm.
Packaging: 24.0 cm. x 308.0 cm. x 24.0 cm.

Other informations:
Q per pack: 1.0
Code: OM46175

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